Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cearsar III cheats

Ok I know we have all been attacked by ceasar, but what you don't know is he is very easy to beat. Ok yea if you beat him he will keep coming back( stronger every time after 4 times he wil automaticaly win if not made happy)so if you don't like war let him win at first. But he is really weak all you need to beat him are 96 soldiers( all 6 legions filled)and alot of towers. Ok first time only use soldiers( towers if in area) then every time he comes he will be in the same spot. Your soldiers should win that round. Then start making towers, prefectures, and refill the legions that are now shortin the area that he comes in. By the third round his army will be huge(you should still win)make sure you also make towers in the middle of the city. eventually he, and you will loose most if not all of your soldiers. If you loose all and he looses two thirds he will flee from your city. Now you think prefectures are worthless the suck, well your right but five should eqaul one or two legonaries and they will die but severley hurt his soldiers end of third round you win. Then he gets mad he will send a message saying OH YOU BEAT ME ALL THE PEOPLE THINK YOUR THE CAPITOL I WILL GET YOU IF I HAVE TO SEND ALL OF THE ROMAN ARMY. After the third round you have to make him happy or he will just send a boat and it will say your fired and that is game over.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Cearsar III(PC game)

Ok this cheat is pretty easy. To go onto cheat mode click on a well and push [alt] and k together. If your doing career press [alt] v(for victory) and level will be instantley won or to get money[alt] c(for cash)and you will keep getting money till you get 5,ooo dollars. Another way to get money is to go to your advisor that sends money to Ceasar. Puy all money in and instead of giving money you get money.


Monday, February 23, 2009

sonic adventure 2 battle cheats

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle cheats
Chao duplication
In order to do this you need both sonic adventure dx and sonic adventure 2 : battle,a link cable and a gameboy advance.Take a chao from either sonic game and put it in the chao transporter WITHOUT a gamepak in your gameboy. When your chao is transported it will be a copy and the real one will remain in the garden you got him from. Now load up the other sonic game with your gameboy still hooked up and go to its chao garden. Go to the transporter and you will be able to get the same chao you put in the gameboy. now you have 2 of the same chao. This trick is great if you want multiple copies of the gold and silver chao from Sonic DX.
NOTE:any animal parts of your chao will return to nomal in the other gareden but hero and dark chao stay hero or dark.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

lego star wars complete saga

ok go to the mos espa pod race turn on all the score times you have and be the clone arcfighter go through all the money making spots you wqill get tons of money and more money means you can buy all the score times hope this helps bye.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

spider man thrree(wii)

ok i will tell how beat som e bosses to beat mega lizard conners he will target you(a little blue circle appears on you)stand in front of one of the generators he will crash in to loose some life do thge same after the second time he gets smart and you have to jump on him use the nunchuck to ballance on him he will crash the fourth time it gets tricky the fopurth generator turns off and you have to press switchs to rurn it back on turn it jump on him he crashes you have won congrats.

thanks for reading

Friday, December 5, 2008


I had these cheats by special reqest. for sims one press shift alt c together and a cheat window will open up for sims one you press rosebud;; and you will get two thousand each time for sims 2 do thje cheat window and put in motherlode and each time for fifty thousand each time.
to do almost everything cheat window again and press boolprop testingcheatsenabled true if not exactly right it wont work to use press shift on a sim if they are pregnant you can enforce twins or set it to their birth day.


Monday, December 1, 2008


My cousin sarah fell off a bike yestserday and spent the night at the hospital and will spend it tonight, too.
prayer for her please!